Circular Gold for Women

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Are Women Forbidden to Wear Circular Shaped Gold

(Bangles, Bracelets, Beads, Chains, Necklaces, Rings, Circular Jewelry)


Know that women, like men, are prohibited to wear gold rings. Likewise gold bangles or necklaces. This is based on specific hadith narrated about the prohibition with regard to women. And so because of these specific hadith, it is clear that women are included in the above mentioned hadith which are stated in a general way and not explicitly to men. The following are the authenticed hadith which have been narrated in this respect:


“Whoever would like to put a ring of fire on his beloved, let him put on him (1) a ring of gold, and whoever would like to put a necklace of fire on his beloved, let him put on him a necklace of gold, and whoever would like to put a bracelet of fire on his beloved, let him put on him a bracelet of gold. Rather, go to silver and play with it, play with it, play with it.” (Abu Dawud and Ahmad: Hasan)

(1) The word for “beloved” (i.e. Habeeb) is neuter and could be either male or female, but the construction for “put on him” uses a pronoun which can only be male singular (i.e. -hu).

(2) Since when do males, old or young, wear rings, necklaces or bracelets of either gold or silver?? Then if we take it to refer to small boys – then we are saying that minors are punishable for acts they commit – which is obviously incorrect, or rather that they are punishable for acts of their fathers, who dress them with that!! And taking it to refer to males does not solve anything, since the majority of scholars who forbid gold for men also forbid silver. So the end of the hadith remains a problem for them.)

SECOND: On the authority of Thaubaan (RA) who said: “Bint Hubaira came to the Prophet (SAW) wearing large rings of gold on her hand. The Prophet (SAW) began hitting her hand with a small stick which he had saying,

“Would it please you for Allah to put rings of fire on your hand?”

And so she went to Fatimah to plead her case.” Thaubaan said: “The Prophet (SAW) went to Fatimah and I was with him. She had taken a gold chain from around her neck and she said: ‘Tihs was given to me by Abu Hassan (i.e. Ali, her husband), and the chain was in her hand. The Prophet (SAW) then said,

“O Fatimah would you be pleased if the people were to say that Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad has a chain of fire on her hand?”

Then he became harsh with her, and left without sitting. She took the chain, sold it, and bought the freedom of a number of slaves. When that reaches the Prophet (SAW) he said,

“All praise be to Allah who has saved Fatimah from the fire.” (Ahmad, an Nasaa’ee and  others: Saheeh)

THIRD: On the authority of Aisha (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) saw two twisted bracelets made of gold on her wrist. He said,

“Cast them away from yoursel, and put in their place two bracelets made of silver and dye them yellow with Saffron.” (An Nasaa’ee and others: Sahih)

FOURTH: On the authority of Umm Salama (RA) wife of the Prophet (SAW), who said:

” I put some gold bead-shaped ornaments around my neck. The Prophet (SAW) came in and turned away from it. I said to him: ‘Will you not look at its beauty?’ He said,

“It if from your ornaments which I have turned away.”

Then I broke the necklace, and he turned to face me.” The narrator said: “They believed that thte Prophet (SAW) then said,

“How will it harm one of you women if you make earrings out of silver, and then dyed them (yellow) with Saffron?” (Ahmad and others: Sahih)

….. 31 pages in defence to Shaikh Naasir’s (rahmatullahi alay) view on the gold question excluded here …..

Information from The Etiquettes of Marriage & Wedding in the Pure Tradition of the Prophet (SAW) By Shaikh Muhammad Naasirudeen Al-Albaani (Rahmatullahi Alay)


What is the ruling concerning circular shaped gold jewelry?

This question may sound strange at first glance.  However, the obvious reason behind it is that some scholars are of the opinion that such jewelry (circular shaped) is not allowed for women although women may wear gold of other shapes. – Jamal Zarabozo

Shaikh ibn Baz (rahmatullahi alay) – It is permissible for women to wear either circular shaped or non-circular shaped gold jewelry. This is based on the general meaning of the verse,

“[Do they then like for Allah] a creature who is brought up in adornments [wearing silk and gold ornaments, i.e., women] and in dispute cannot make herself clear?” (Al-Zukhruf 18).

Allah (SWT) has mentioned that wearing jewelry is a characteristic of women. This is general and covers gold as well as other jewelry. Furthermore, Ahmad, Abu Dawud and al-Nasai record with a good chain from the Leader of the Faithful Ali ibn Abu Talib that the Prophet (SAW) took silk in his right hand and gold in his left and then said,

“These two are forbidden for the males of my Nation.”

In the narration by ibn Majah, it ends,

“And permissible for its women.”

Also, Ahmad, al-Nasai, al-Tirmidhi-– who said it is sahih– Abu Dawud, al-Hakim— who also called it sahih– al-Tabarani and ibn Hazm- who again said it is sahih– all record from Abu Musa al-Ashari that the Prophet (SAW) said,

“Gold and silk have been made permissible for the females of my Nation and forbidden for its males.”

-Shaikh ibn Baz (Rahmatullahi Alay)

Information From Fatawas Regarding Woman

Compiled by Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Musnad

Translated by Jamaal Al-Din Zarabozo


Please note that Shaikh ibn Baz (rahmatullahi alay) does not clarify from the ahadith what kind of gold and silk are permissable for women.  Silk is also permissable for women but it also becomes haram in certain instances (i.e. sitting on, etc.).  On the other hand, Shaikh Albaani (rahmatullahi alay) presents 31 pages of ahadith to clarify what kind of gold is forbidden (i.e. circular shaped gold).

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Halal is clear and Haram is clear; in between these two are certain things that are suspected. Many people may not know whether those items are Halal or Haram. Whosoever leaves them, he is innocent towards his religion and his conscience. He is, therefore, safe. Anyone who gets involved in any of these suspected items, he may fall into the unlawful and the prohibited. This case is similar to the one who wished to raise his animals too close to a restricted area, so that the animals may step into that area. Indeed for every landlord there is a restricted area. Indeed the restriction of Allah are the Haram.”

(Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)

“Allah is only knows the Best”


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